Property Leverage offers a range of training programmes for almost every type of property investor. From residential to commercial, we have courses that are designed to help you fulfil your property goals, whether you’re a beginner who requires hand-holding support or an advanced investor, Property Leverage offers programmes that enable you to have the confidence to take action and succeed in your chosen strategy.

We offer 12-month mentorship programmes, a 3-day Commercial Conversion course, and a range of different residential property courses designed to help you become a professional property investor, or further increase your property knowledge with today’s current strategies.



Property Leverage Network (PLN) is a UK-wide community of property networking events for local property investors to connect with like-minded people, such as you; they provide the sweet-spot balance between education, inspiration and an extended network. Connect with us in person by attending one of our monthly networking events in Glasgow, Leeds, York, Manchester, Nottingham, Leicester, Birmingham, Bristol, and London. They are completely free to attend and provide a gateway to meeting investors and contacts in your local area. If there is no event near you, get in touch to discuss how you can become an event host in your area.


PLN aspire to bring the most prolific, active, friendly property cashflow investors together locally in an inspiring, educational, sharing community. Property Leverage, the parent company of PLN, aims to build the largest UK network of property investors, and PLN will do the same, locally to you.


PLN is not your normal run-of-the-mill, bland and boring networking events where you passively sit back being lectured to whilst yawning and texting on your phone.

PLN events are memorable, engaging and have personality. The Property Leverage Community share openly and get RESULTS. You are a vital part of the PLN community. We want you active, involved and inspired by real people making real money in property. After every PLN event you will leave having connected with new property professionals, and knowledge that you can do it too, with the support of the community to help you get results.



£2.965M GDV

Tanglewood Mill

Tanglewood Mill

  • Planning permission for 22 Apartments & 5 Workshops
  • Purchase Price: £311K
  • Development Costs: £1.89M
  • Equity / profit: £763K
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£987,680 GDV

Otterburn Lodge

Otterburn Lodge

  • 16 Holiday Apartments
  • Purchase Price: £136K
  • Development Costs: £424K
  • Equity / profit: £427K
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