What is Commercial To Residential Conversion?


Commercial-To-Residential Conversion is the conversion of a commercial property (e.g. pubs, shops, offices, etc) into residential properties. Typically apartments, HMOs (multi-lets) or serviced accommodation units.

Why should you be interested in Commercial To Residential Conversion?


Commercial To Residential Conversion is a flexible option that meets your needs. If you want big returns from capital growth it definitely achieves that, it is not unreasonable to find projects that can give you £300K profit without having to rely on house price rises. If you want cashflow, you can achieve the NET rental profit from one project that you might otherwise need to buy 5 houses to match it.

The average salary in the UK is approximately £28,000.
It is realistic to earn 3x that in just one deal.

One of George’s first projects was ‘Croft House’, which provided a £72,000 profit.

George’s third project was ‘Ladyburn House’, despite some mistakes (which George will teach you how to avoid) George made £500,000 from that one project.

Ladyburn House – before

Ladyburn House – after

Commercial To Residential Conversion and HMO/SA Tour


You will be taken on a tour of Nether Hall, a large Commercial to Residential development of a large Grade II Listed building into 9 HMOs and 6 SA – 83 rentable rooms in total. George will give you valuable information on the tour, explaining the challenges that have been  overcome , the decisions that they have made and the rationale behind them. People who have attended the Commercial to Residential Showcase Day and the tour, have commented on how much value they received from the day.





On this ‘Commercial to Residential Showcase’ day you will learn from one of the leading commercial to residential development specialists:

  • What business model is right for YOU? – 90% of Businesses are said to fail, know your business

  • HMO and SA – Success Factors – Unlocking the secrets to success

  • Design Factor – Minimise Costs / Maximise returns

  • Build Costs – The biggest key to profit or loss

  • Finance and Exit – The principal factor to success or failure

  • Power Team – Who’s needed and how to find them

  • Top risks with HMOs – Future proof your business

  • Top risks with SA – Do you want a JOB or a business?

  • Sourcing projects – Where / How / When

  • Commercial to Residential and HMO/SA  SiteTour

Saturday, July 28th 2018:

9:30am-10:00: Registration

10am-4pm: General Sessions

On this Commercial To Residential Conversion Showcase event you will learn from one of the leading commercial to residential development specialists:


George Gannon author of the Commercial to Residential Opportunities Report, personal mentor, public speaker and creator of the 3 day Commercial-To-Residential Masterclass.

In the last 12 years he has bought, refurbished, converted millions worth of property, adding an average of 250% of value through converting commercial buildings into residential units.

George is delighted to share his vast knowledge and help you discover the massive profits that are achievable through Commercial-To-Residential Conversions !

“You have one life, make that life work for you instead of working for that life” 

“The Commercial To Residential Conversion course was excellent. Having covered the best ways to finance commercial conversion deals, gone through George’s previous deals and worked through some practical examples and ways to get as much out of a property as possible I felt ready to take my property investing to the next level.”

Kathryn Palmer

Property Investor

“I’ve learnt more about commercial property from George Gannon than I had in all my years on the planet!”

Stephen Lawn

Property Investor

“George is just a wealth of knowledge and experience; you can’t get any more than that. Just brilliant.”

Petra Lander

Interior Designer and Property Investor