Do you have a project but don’t have the funds to acquire or develop it?


The main [or perceived] barrier most Property Investors face is lack of a deposit and/or obtaining mortgage finance, especially as many first-time buyers or even full-time property investors are often unable to prove their income.

What if I told you you can buy properties with ‘Other People’s Money’ (OPM) and you may never need to invest a penny of your own ever again?

Would knowing how to find and attract joint venture partners, how to secure the deal and the types of agreements be of value to you?

Knowledge like that could help you raise £millions for your investments and we would like to share it with you!

All you have to do is book yourself on our Joint Venture Finance Day and visit us at our training center in Doncaster.

Discover how to raise £1 million in investment finance


Learn about all the different types of joint venture agreements and how to package your deals to have investors falling over themselves to help finance your deals. Learn about the different types of finance from mortgages, loans, private investors, bridging and angel finance.



  • Part 1: WHY –  Without this it’s pointless

  • Part 2: HOW – What is required

  • Part 3: WHEN – Execution is key to success

  • Part 4: WHERE – Where are they hiding?  Learn where to find your future JV partners

  • Part 5: REALITY – What to really expect

  • Part 6: OPTIONS – Every Problem has a Solution

  • Part 7: TIMING – Open Your Eyes

  • Part 8: SYSTEMS & PROCEDURES – You have them – right?

  • Part 9: POSITIONING & BRANDING – Getting Started

Friday, March 9th 2018:

9:30am-10:00: Registration

10am-5pm: General Sessions


On this How To Raise Joint Venture Finance event you will learn from one of the leading commercial to residential development specialists:


George Gannon author of the Commercial to Residential Opportunities Report, personal mentor, public speaker and creator of the 3 day Commercial-To-Residential Masterclass.

In the last 12 years he has bought, refurbished, converted millions worth of property, adding an average of 250% of value through converting commercial buildings into residential units.

George is delighted to share his knowledge and help you find sources of finance so you will never be short of money for all your future projects!

“You have one life, make that life work for you instead of working for that life” instead of working for that life”



Nether Hall, Netherhall Road, Doncaster, DN1 2PG

A large grade II listed building in the heart of Doncaster city center and George’s latest (and biggest) project to date – a conversion into 9 HMOs and 6 Serviced Accommodation apartments, 83 rentable units in total.

Nether Hall is a 10 minute walk from Doncaster train station. It has free parking on site if travelling by car.

“With all the potential strategies I was lacking focus and direction, getting nowhere fast.  Within a week of working with George I was focused on 3 activities and taking consistent positive action.  Soon after I was bidding on a number of projects with the confidence and belief I can do this!”

Adrian Garvey

Property Investor

“…you were quite the inspiration, shortly afterwards I started my property journey….now I am actually looking into my first commercial conversion, had a sudden bullish drive and sense of belief I can do this”

Peter Walmsley

Property Investor

“What an inspiration.  George and his team gave lots of useful and practical information, as well as the confidence boost I needed to start me on my developing journey.  Since the course I have made an offer on a large development.  I would not have done that before the course”

Rick Player

Property Investor